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Holy Grail of Product Metrics

September 30, 2020

Nice short article on how we’ve tried to find a holy grail of product metrics, but there isn’t one way to measure success. Here’s a quote:

🍰 Imagine a bakery. It could sell the tastiest cupcakes and pastries. Or it could be the cheapest bakery in town. Or it could have the best atmosphere for a relaxing meetup with a friend or two. It’s unlikely it would be all three. Why should it? There’s plenty of business for bakeries of all types. The bakery owner striving to have the best atmosphere shouldn’t use the same measurement of success as a baker trying to offer the cheapest baked goods. The metric the bakery owner should use needs to be specific to the goals of the business, not generic across all businesses

The Myth Of the Grand Unified UX Metric

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